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Enve Wheels

Enve is a bike component manufacturer that specializes in using carbon fiber. It started off making tubes for custom frames but today it is best known for its range of carbon wheels. It also makes handle bars, stems, seat posts, forks, and hubs.

The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Utah in the US. It’s owned by Amer Sports, the same company that owns cycling brand Mavic.

Enve has grown considerably since it first started, and regularly experiences situations where its demand outstrips supply. This is because of the focus on pushing carbon fiber wheel technology to its limits to create a range of wheels suitable for any condition, any terrain, and any style of riding.

This isn't just about high performance wheels designed for professional racers, though. Enve does make those, and many professional teams and riders use its wheels. The company also makes good quality but affordable wheels designed for every day riding. That means combining strength, lightweight construction, stiffness, efficiency, and comfort.

The company has developed a number of innovations in wheel design, particularly in regard to making wheels stronger. A good example is Enve's molded holes for spokes and valves. Other wheel manufacturers create the carbon fiber rim and then cut holes in it for spokes and valves to come through. These holes cut through the individual carbon fibers, reducing the rims strength. Enve takes a different approach by molding the carbon fibers to create the hole. There is no cutting involved, the individual carbon fibers are not broken, and the wheel is stronger as a result.

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Enve Wheels Product Range

Enve makes wheels for mountain, road, triathlon racing, and cyclocross.

• M Series - the M Series is a range of mountain bike wheels that are lightweight but also strong, durable, and fast.

• M Series Plus - mountain bike wheels designed for plus size tyres ranging from 2.8 inches up to 3.0 inches.

SES - SES stands for Smart Enve System. It is a range of wheels designed to maximise speed and stability on the road. The technology involves the front and back wheels working together with the frame to improve performance. As a result, the front wheel is wider and shallower than the rear wheel.

SES Disc - these models use the same technology and design as the SES range, but are built with disc brakes.

CX- this is Enve's specialist cyclocross wheel. It is designed for quick changes of speed and maximum bike control.

• Limited edition - limited edition wheelsets with various designs.

Enve Wheels Sponsorship

Enve sponsors individual athletes who compete in triathlon and mountain bike racing. It also sponsors teams competing in road racing, mountain bike, cyclocross, and triathlon events. This includes Team Dimension Data, the UCI World Tour team from Africa. In mountain biking, Enve supports The Syndicate, Cannondale Factory Racing, Cannondale 360Fly, and more.