Serfas Cycling Products and Accessories

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Serfas is renowned for its innovative cycling products and accessories. With over 20 years in the business and a business model that is based around “quality, performance and customer service”, Serfas continually develops and tests products, working with elite athletes to create cycling products that leave no customer disappointed.

Serfas Range of Cycling Products and Accessories

Serfas currently produces a huge range of cycling products and accessories for all disciplines in cycling:

Serfas Saddles

developed by Serfas are high-quality finished products. Serfas’ patented Infinite Comfort System (I.C.S) technology helps make every ride enjoyable and comfortable.

Serfas Lights

are some of their most innovative products, especially their new TSL-T1000. High lumens and incredible value for money, their battery pack lights are one of the industry’s most technologically advanced safety lights.

Serface Tires and tubes

No matter whether you are riding on the road, racing time trials, or commuting to work, Serfas has tires & tubes suited to your preference. Many years of innovation have resulted in a Flat Protection System (F.P.S) within the tire that increases puncture resistance and tire longevity.

Serfas Pumps and CO2 Cartridges

One of the inevitabilities of cycling is punctures. As well as working tirelessly to help prevent this with their Flat Protection System, Serfas has created a range of floor pumps and hand pumps with ergonomic inflation to assist you in getting back on the road quicker.

Serfas Sponsorship

Along with a history of making high quality cycling products, Serfas has a history of supporting teams and athletes across America. Sponsorships allow Serfas to get the feedback and product testing required to continue making ground-breaking products in the future.

Serfas Lights, Saddles and Bike Accessories for Sale

At BikeExchange, we bring the marketplace to your computer or mobile device. We offer a wide assortment of Serfas Lights, Saddles and Bike Accessories for sale by independent bike shops and private sellers from all over the United States. Depending on the retailer and the product, you can make a purchase in one of several easy and convenient ways:

  • Click & Collect: Pay online and make arrangements to pick up the bike at the retail shop.

  • In-Store: Contact the retailer directly to make your own payment and collection arrangements.