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Micargi Products


About Micargi

Micargi makes just about every style of bike you can imagine. There are mainstream styles like road bikes, mountain bikes, and BMXs. The also make commuter bikes and a popular range of models for children. Some of the most popular bikes in the range, however, are the cruiser models. This includes beach cruisers, fat tire bikes, stretch, and high risers. They even have tandem models available.

This broad range of options combined with durable construction and reasonable prices has made Micargi a popular choice for many leisure cyclists in the USA and around the world. They have a wide distribution network and, because they are long lasting, there is a thriving market for pre-owned models.

The company is based in China, and their manufacturing facilities are located in Guangzhou and Tianjin. They have the capacity to produce over one million bikes per year. They are currently believed to ship over 300,000 bikes every year under the Micargi brand, demonstrating its popularity.

When the company was first founded it manufactured parts and accessories. It started making complete bikes in the mid-1990s before expanding further in 1997 with the launch of Micargi USA and the opening of a large warehouse in Los Angeles, the headquarters of its US operations.

Range Of Micargi Bikes

• Road bikes - a range of affordable road bikes in drop down and riser handle bar designs. Aluminum, steel and cromoly frames are available.

• Mountain bikes - this is one of the biggest categories in the Micargi range featuring several different styles and over 60 individual bikes.

• BMX - bikes aimed primarily at children.

Kids - a range of bikes for both girls and boys.

• City / Folding - comfortable city bikes with cushioned and sprung saddles, luggage racks and comfortable handlebar positions. There is also a number of folding bike options.

Beach cruiser - this is the other big category of bike from Micargi with over 60 different bikes to choose from. They all have attractive designs with options to suit all styles and tastes. They are designed for leisurely riding so have high handlebar positions, upright riding styles, and comfortable saddles. Single speed, three speed, and seven speed options are available.

• Fat tire - cruiser bikes with fat tires to handle all types of terrain, from boardwalks and sand to rocks and pebbles.

• Foose Signature - a range of cruiser bikes designed by Chip Foose. He is the car designer and hot rod shop owner known for starring in the reality TV show Overhaulin'.

• Stretch - uniquely styled bikes with stretched frames and high rise handlebars. The style is similar to a custom cruiser motorcycle with an exaggerated feet first pedal position and handlebars you have to reach up to.

• High risers - traditionally styled, attractive bikes with high rise handlebars

Tandem - a range built for two people to ride together

• Accessories - helmets, forks, tires, frames, handlebars, pedals, saddles and more.

Micargi Sponsorship

Micargi is not involved in major sponsorship deals with teams or riders in the sport of cycling.