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Crank Brothers


Crank Brothers Products for Sale

Crank Brothers is a manufacturing and design company that makes mountain bike parts and accessories. It is based in California and is most well-known for its range of mountain bike pedals.

The company was founded in 1997 by two friends, Carl Winefordner and Frank Hermansen. One of its first products was the speed lever. It made this before it started to make the product that would change it forever: pedals for mountain bikes. The Crank Brothers brand name for its premium pedals is Eggbeater, and it has been hugely successful. In fact, today it is the second largest mountain bike pedal manufacturer in the world. It also provided the company with a springboard to develop new products and expand into new areas.

The company is very much focused on research, design, and development. All of that work is done in house, and it has produced products ranging from bike tools to wheelsets.

Today the company is owned by the Italian bike parts manufacturer Selle Royal, although many of the original employees, including the two founding members, are still involved. In fact, Winefordner and Hermansen are still responsible for most of the company’s new products, technical advances, and innovations. The presence of a parent company actually gave Crank Brothers the resources and expertise it needed to expand and develop the company further, growing it to what it is today.

It has introduced many world-first designs that are now used by everyone from professional racers to hobby cyclists. It has also won several awards for design and innovation.

Most of the products Crank Brothers sells are sold in the U.S. and Canada, although the company does have a global distribution network. At the moment, it only makes parts for mountain bikes, and there is no indication that they are going to expand that.

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Crank Brothers Product Range

Crank Brothers manufactures components and parts for mountain bikes as well as tools, pumps, accessories, and Crank Brothers merchandise.

  • Pedals - Pedals are the product that Crank Brothers is most well known for. The Eggbeater 11 is the lightest mountain bike pedal you can buy, plus there are other options in the Eggbeater range. Other pedals include the Candy range, the Mallet collection, the low-cost Double Shot, the Stamp, and the 5050.
  • Wheelsets - Crank Brothers produces unique wheelsets designed for speed, strength, and stiffness. The brand name for their wheelsets is Cobalt.
  • Tools - A wide range of Crank Brothers tools are available as well as premium pumps.
  • Components - This range includes handlebars, stems, seat posts, grips, and saddles.
  • Accessories - Pedal accessories plus a range of wheel and seat post accessories are available.
  • Merchandise - Crank Brothers t-shirts, hoodies, and more are included.

Crank Brothers Sponsorship

Crank Brothers is not involved in sponsorship programs directly, although it does run an ambassador program. It also has an initiative called Crank Brothers for Others, which is a crowdfunded charitable program designed to support cycling causes around the world.